All songs & art copyright 2004 Kim Kaiser (aka The Lunarium).

Please note I don't claim to be any kind of musician. These songs were made using various sounds, samples, personally created or tweaked sounds and samples, and other animals by me. I thought I'd throw them up here since I enjoyed making them. Songs available as I finish them. Comments and collaborations always welcome. Don't bother telling me I suck. I already know this. Thanks!

Hit By The Moon

01. Experimental Breathing
02. The Hunt
03. EtherTribe
04. Monk's Machinery Jam
05. Wandering Joy
06. The Fickle Moon
07. Intermittent Failures
08. One Machine
09. Disco-rd
10. Even Machines Dance
11. Possibility's Mantra
12. Carrion
13. Cybersex
14. Writer's Block
15. Heaven's Circuits