The History Of This Lunacy

1. There are new freebies to include 3 more wings and 3 things.

2. I've completed more remixes for Mankind Is Obsolete and Encoder. You can check out my Myspace: Music page or Myspace: Personal page if you want to know what's going on with me as I seem to update them more than my own page. Sad huh?

3. Upcoming shows include: MarCon (Attending),Con On The Cob (Attending), Necronomicon, DucKon,and WindyCon. I've got more new prints so check them out. Attend a con, have loads of fun, and say hi!

4. I've redone my Zazzle products and added new items as well as deleted a bunch. Check them out.

Thanks for visiting, don't forget to grab some free stuff, and be creative!

Lots still going on:

1. Finally, and as promised, there are new freebies to include 5 wings, 4 things, and a new Bryce Mat (6.0 or above).

2. I completed some remixes for James D. Stark and Signius as well as remixed a few of the tracks from the last two albums of mine. The remixes of my songs are available in the free section.

3. I decided not to do InConJunction because they charge a "mail in" fee. It's not that much but I'm opposed to such things for a convention that already costs in shipping, space, and a percentage of sales. Unless you have phenominal sales the cost is just prohibitive. So it's a matter of "principle". I don't mind paying for space, even though a lot of shows still give you free space to display your art, because, realistically, it's kind of like renting your area and I think that's acceptable and fair. A "mail in" fee doesn't make sense to me or seem fair when there are plenty of shows that pay for such things, as "gas" and "handling" of art by their volunteer, via the other fees and percent of sales they charge.

Upcoming shows include: Con On The Cob (Attending), Necronomicon and WindyCon. I've got more new prints so check them out, attend a con with me, and say hi!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to be creative!

Almost two years since an update. Bet you thought I was dead eh? Not so! Here's what's been going on....

1. First, and most important, I've been busy being a dad and, like most parents, the art fell along the wayside for a while in the name of trying to be a good parent. Our daughter Ember Kaylee was born 05-10-06 and is a year old now. She's a real handful, on most days, and that keeps me pretty busy. Busy is defined as teaching her things, keeping the inquisitive little genius out of things, feeding and changing diapers, playing with her, and most other things a parent should do with a child. Of course there's also the husband/housewife duties of cooking, cleaning, and whatnot. Still I'm not complaining and I have found time to work on music and graphics. Life is better than ever but then a child will do that to ya :)

2. "The Move" didn't happen. Let's just say that too many things kept going wrong and we decided that they were "signs" and telling us we shouldn't move to Portland. I'm pretty glad we didn't now.

3. I took a break from conventions and such as mentioned. There were a few reasons for this; aside from the baby girl. The biggest, I would have to say, was my DragonCon experience in 2005. Marcon and DucKon had been such GREAT shows that year, even being smaller, but DragonCon, even being my best year in sales and third year attending/showing, ended up being a major negative for me because of the Art Director Patrick Roberts. I haven't mentioned anything before now and I'm not prone to being melodramatic but here are the simple facts. Another artist and I had suggested the idea of a "Digital Iron Artist" program to Patrick one night in the yahoo chats. Being digital artists, primarily, and seeing as digital art wasn't a medium in the normal "Iron Artist" competition we thought it would be a great addition; so did Pat. We pitched details on how it could be accomplished and so forth. Anyway, Patrick was "kind" enough to let us know, AFTER we were setup at the con, that we wouldn't have any part in the "Digital Iron Artist". He claimed that Adobe got "involved" and wanted "bigger names" to do the competition. He kept putting me off when I expressed my unhappiness with this situation and went so far as to see if we could be "compensated" with some products or whatnot from Adobe for our "troubles". Needless to say nothing ever came of that. In fact he wouldn't ever discuss it with me again and attempts I made to discuss it in the yahoo chat forums were blocked by Patrick (the moderator). This wasn't the first time I, or other artists, had been censored and controlled by Patrick in the name of his saving face. Several artists have left that group because of him and his tactics and that was the last straw for me. He'd done it to me once before and I was just fed up. I also wasn't the only artist he pissed off that year. In fact there were quite a few. I'm told in 2006's show he completely cut Brandy out of the program she'd created and maintained for years at DragonCon and gave it to his wife. But that wasn't all with the "Digital Iron Artist" issue. Patrick also had the nerve to give complete credit to Audre for the program when she had absolutely NOTHING to do with it ever. What nerve!

So, needless to say, I was done with DragonCon and it's two faced, back-stabbing, Art Director Patrick Roberts even though it was a show I enjoyed and was doing better with each year. I simply cannot be around such people. It was completely uncalled for, underhanded, dishonest, and dirty. Sure, I thought about seeking some legal retribution but I decided it just wasn't worth my time. Besides karmic justice is cheaper. I'm told he's OUT as the Art Director and that two people who are known for their hard work, passion for the art show, and honesty are taking over. I can't say that I'm going to do DragonCon anytime in the near future but that, at least, is a change I believe is better for the show and artists. Patrick was simply unworthy. GOOD RIDDANCE!

This year, however, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things and display at even more conventions; even attend a few. So far this year I'll be attending Marcon and sending art to DucKon and InConJunction. I also plan on attending our local Con On The Cob and sending to other shows throughout the US. I'll post updates as I finalize the works. I've got new prints so check them out, attend a con with me, and say hi!

4. As you can see I have finally finished the new layout. It's taken a lot of work as I'm not any kind of code genius and I have only the most basic HTML skills to work with. I had hoped for some help with a better cart system/layout for the shop but I've found people rather unreliable so I was most delayed on my struggle with that but it's up now and should be working fine. If you have any problems please let me know.

I've changed the available artworks of mine and scaled things down a bit to "tighten" the site up a little I hope. There are some new works, works that haven't been displayed before, as well as new prints and a new originals for sale section in the shop. I may also be changing my designs with zazzle and offering up some works on various objects. I haven't decided yet :)

5. The new album "Everweaving" is done and available for download. There are some other music ventures in the works that I'll post about when/if they occur. I've also done more remixes for bands like Imperative Reaction (2), Diverje (4), Reincarnationfish (3), and V38 (2). I may even do some remixes of my own works in the near future if time allows.

Sadly, with all that's been going on, the new music is all the freebies I've been able to come up with. I hope to have more stuff soon; again, time willing. Take care and create something!

Another later than planned update. Still A LOT going on.

1. New images completed and added to the "Latest" gallery. They'll be for sale now, during DragonCon 2005, and after with the exception of during the move which, obviously, things will be way too chaotic to find them until settled.

2. MarCon and Duckon were both fantastic conventions. I met a lot of nice people/artists and sold an original.

3.Dragoncon 2005 September 2nd - 5th in Atlanta, GA. It's rapidly approaching and I've been working my butt off to finish some new stuff. I am also considering WindyCon in Chicago but I have to see what's going on with the move and such. I won't be attending WindyCon but I hope to maybe mail some stuff there.

4.I have started, and half finished, an update. I know I keep mentioning this but I lost the files in the drive crash for the layout I was going to go with so I've jumped into creating an entirely new one. This also has any models and most digital work on hold till I finish this but it IS my next big thing to do on the list. I'm kinda tired of the current layout.

5. That's it for now. Busy Busy Busy is all I can say.

Hope to see you at DragonCon. Say Hi! Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Apologies for the late update. A LOT has been going on so here's the quick rundown.

1.I had a hard drive crash on me and I lost more data than I can possibly describe in the form of art and personal documents. No use contemplating it any longer as there's nothing to be done about it. So on with the new!

2.I've committed to THREE conventions this year so that has had me working my butt off to get enough originals to cover them all. My second set of, genuine, for sale, originals in "traditional" medium; that is non digital and the first being the "Imachination" series. They can be seen in the Gallery under "Latest".

3.The Conventions I will be attending are: MarCon 2005 May 27th - 29th in Columbus, OH, DucKon 2005 June 10th - 12th in Naperville, IL, and Dragoncon 2005 September 2nd - 5th in Atlanta, GA.

4.Aside from the conventions I will be displaying art at the local coffee house again in August as well as a new gallery opening up near me in June (next month) so stay tuned.

5.I had planned to have some new digital prints available but, thanks to the crash, I am having to redo them. Patience is a virtue they say...but they WILL be done and available.

6.I had also planned the webpage update for some time now and, again, with the crash that has been put off a bit. Someone clone me!

7.The new originals will have details on their respective main pages. They ARE for sale at any time EXCEPT when they are under contract such as the convention dates or galleries. If you're interested then email me regarding the piece. Prints will also be available in the future for some of them if you do not wish to buy the original or it's already sold.

8.I guess that's it for now. Sorry there aren't any new freebies but there should be plenty to keep you busy already. I'll make some more in the near future.

Hope to see you at one of the cons I'm attending and be well regardless. Create something!

Updated and added 7 new models in the Parts, Other, and Ship sections. Added my 3rd album which has an "Asian" influence to it. Please check it out.

As always thanks for stopping by. Grab something and use it! Be Creative!

Best and safe wishes for your particular Holiday season beliefs.

I've been putting off the news update after the con but here goes....

1. We had a free drive all the way to, and from, the convention despite the hurricanes. A definite plus.

2. The convention, while not as busy this year, was an absolute blast. I got to meet so many talented artists and people this year. Everyone was really great. To name a few.....

A. First, and foremost, would have to be Anne Sudworth. She was a total sweetheart to me the entire convention and just a pleasure to be around. Her and Warren were the definate highpoint of the con for me this year. If you want to see me blushing and Anne being cheeky you can look here. She gave me one of her limited edition books and wrote the sweetest thing inside! I nearly cried like a little girl :)

B. Next would have to be Rogue from The Cruxshadows. I had the pleasure of meeting him through a guy I met at the con (thanks Jimmy!) and he was a pleasure to chat with. He even gave me a hug after!

C. Various artists to include: Marrus, Mael, Olivia, Rebecca McDannold, Melissa Gay, Tim Roman, Emily Rigelsky, Thomas & Vesper Aschenbach, J.P. Targete, Karalyn, Rowena, and a slew of others I can't possibly remember all the names to but who are in my thoughts as fine artists and people. Also a bunch o really cool people I had met last year I got to see again this year.

D. Stars I met: Peter Woodward (Babylon 5's Galen) an absolutely polite and charming gent, Gary Graham (Alien Nation) also a very nice gent who's daughter is interested in digital art, David Franklin and Paul Goddard (Farscape's Braca and Stark), and Steve Bacic (Andromeda and SG-1).

3. I also would like to note two young artists that I met at the con and after who's work I think is exceptional. You should definately check out Jenna and Ralph's Work. Ralph lives just up the road and he's even shown me a thing or two in PSP that I didn't know :)

4. I am currently still exploring the more "traditional" medium; specifically in the realm of oil painting. I'll let you know how that goes. Since I'm teaching myself as I may be a while. :)

5. Speaking of exploring, I had no less than 7 image ideas on the way back from DragonCon and had to have mum pull over so I could write them down. This prompts me to mention that the "recent images" are a bit out of date but the reason for that would be that all the prints, painted coat, album covers, watercolors, and miscellaneous arts have kept me from doing a lot of "digital" to throw up. So, in case the impression is that I've not done anything new.... well.... that's just absurd. I'm practically going insane with ideas. *twitch*

6. I did really well, sales wise, at the convention this year. Huge improvement over last year and that makes me feel a little more comfortable about my calling. On a side note: everyone that's bought/heard the Metal Fae Remix CD has had nothing but good things to say. (plug plug)

I think I'll close on that note as it's a good indication of my brain. "This is your brain. This is your brain on art".

A LOT still going on....soon the break will come.. I can feel it...

1. The albums currently finished are now up in the new Music layout section. Both albums are completely free for download. Have at them. Hope you enjoy.

2. Will be at Dragoncon2004 starting Thursday. Hope to see some people there.

3. I've finished the Metal Fae Remixes. It contains 6 (plus a couple "hidden") tracks remixed by myself, -DFECT-, Perpetual Amnesia, and Angels In Bondage. This is my solution to the Metal Fae prints and the remix CD will be limited to the print run. Each print will contain the remix CD and this is the only place you can get those remixes. Info on the tracks are available in the Music section. Get them while you can...

4. I'm now working on 3 album covers for other bands and pretty excited about it. I appreciate the cool people I'm running into and their eagerness to have me do up some visuals for them.

5. Still putting off the site update and haven't had time to put up the newer freebies other than the music. Sorry. It's coming I swear.... (need a clone need a clone need a clone)

6. The Watercolor originals are now, after a few trials and tribulations, up at the local coffee house for sale. Yay.

7. If you want to know how to find me at DragonCon.. click here. This is my completed coat I painted.

I think that's all... I think... Running around with my head cut off for DragonCon. Please do check out the free tunes and let me know if you like them or not. See you in a few.

A LOT going on and that's why I haven't updated for a while. Sorry. Here we no particular order...

1. Met my boss, Ian, last month for the first time in the two years I've worked for him. Mel and I had a blast!

2. Gearing up for Dragoncon2004 again! I'll have Limited Edition Prints available this year which will be the same ones in the Prints section of the site. Looking forward to seeing Cruxshadows (Band), Storm Constantine (Author), Brom (Artist) who I missed meeting last year, and Avery/Publicastration (Musician) who I did some cover art for. Anything else is fair game. Forewarned :)

3. I've finished the second album; Theolapologies. Well, okay, I finished it some months ago but I've been debating what to do with it. I consider it to be much better than the first so I'm going to be releasing copies of it with my "Metal Fae" print... maybe just at Dragoncon. I don't know yet. The album has the song "The Metal Fae" and I wanted the two to be together so that's the plan. I "MAY" put it up for download on the site after the convention. I "MAY" put it in Prints sold through the site if there's a demand for it. Either way the album will be limited to 50 copies (same as the print) and anyone who's purchased a print before now can get a copy mailed by letting me know you want one. Free! :)

4. I've been working on my third and 4th albums. The third is tentatively titled "AmerAsian" and is primarily "Japanese" influenced, a sort of rememberance of my children and the country I spent a good portion of my life in. The 4th is being called "Abstract-ions" and comprises several tracks over the first 3 albums that just didn't "fit" with them as well as some new stuff.

5. Mel and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary last month while in Texas visiting her side o the family. We had a good time and I'm ever more confident that she's the one for me. It just doesn't get any better than this folks. She's my inspiration and so many other things I couldn't possibly justify with words.

6. There's a new coffee house opening up in town and yours truly will be on display with my first, ever, traditional medium originals for sale. Yup! Ink and watercolor peices I'm calling "Modular Art" and I've been working my butt off to get the 6 pieces done for the show. They are titled "Imachinations: Series I" and the owner really likes them. You can see them HERE. The concept is that they all fit together, but not right against each other. Leaving what's between to the imagination. This also allows for future series, or even custom order work, to fit anywhere in between or around them. These will be exclusively sold through Friendzy coffee house and any inquiries for details, purchase, or custom work, can be directed to me.

7. Been half-assed working on a site update to "v3". Needless to say it's not first priority but it should be a nice improvement regardless... when I get it done. :)

I think that's all... old age you know! Please feel free to look me up if you're attending Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA this year. I'll be there for all 4 days and you can probably find me wandering around or at the Renderosity booth.

As always, thanks for stopping by. I have more freebies coming but I just haven't had time to get them up yet.

Ta-da! Track 12 is now finished and the album completed. yay!

Added tracks 2, 5, and 10 for the album. I'm really kind of proud of track 10. So if you like electro-tribal music please check it out! Thanks to those that have encouraged me to finish the album and who have given me feedback and inspiration! Thanks for stopping by. As always take something free!

Added tracks 3 and 9 for the album. I see my host hasn't fixed my counters yet. yay.

Added track 8 for the album which I just finished and fixed the linkage to track 11. Sorry about that. Thanks for checking out my tunes!

I've noticed a suprising amount of traffic to my prints area and wanted to take a moment to clear something up that may be confusing people. The shopping cart DOES appear in a new window. As such you may need to disable pop-up software and/or allow my site. I have always thought it was a "given" but let me state for fact so that there is no confusion. This site does not, nor will it EVER use cookies, ads, or other tracking and anti-privacy tactics. One of the reasons I purchased my own domain a few years back was specifically because a lot of sites DO use those tactics and I didn't wish to be one of them. I hope this clears up any confusion and gives some peace of mind about visiting my little corner of the web. Thanks!

Yay! My limited edition prints are now online and all the bugs should be worked out of it.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who's encouraged me and helped me get this far including all the wonderful folks I met at Dragoncon last year. Here's looking forward to Dragoncon 2004!
As always, thanks for stopping by and check out the freebies on your way through!

My first music album is now online and free for download. yay!

Currently making some changes and adding my album (yes really! It's music!)
Added a donation button (in case you want to contribute for my work and freebies) Thanks!
Working on the new and revised limited edition prints pages. Coming soon!

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping and check out the free models and such.


Four new images up in the "Latest" gallery, 11 new models up in the "Parts" and "Other" sections! Enjoy :)

I'm currently making changes and updating the site. Sorry for the long wait. My job with online-mags has kept me busy as well as other avenues. Look for several new model freebies to be up and new images.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Jumping into the 3rd year of the site and still happy with my provider. Many thanks to them for the space.

A HUGE "Screw you" goes out to for pulling my art sometime in the last year and not informing me of such. They left one whole product up, despite growing sales, and I have no clue why nor was I informed of any change as I was SUPPOSED to be. That's fine. I don't need the pennies they were giving me for my prints anyway and will be moving to more professional, limited, and matted prints of my newer works.

A second "Screw you" goes out to Curious Labs, makers of Poser which I use in almost all of my images. Why you ask? Well, back when they weren't such bigshots, I was one of the first to do a link exchange with them. Sometime later one of their staff wrote me because a link to them wasn't on my site. This was a small error which I corrected immediately and had only removed, in error, during an update. Well, it seems they've had my link from their site for some time now. Hardly fair sport and, apparently, I am not "good enough" to grace their links page anymore. Har.

That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by and make sure you grab something useful from the freebies on your way through.

Hey, look at that. Two updates :).

There are now 4 more models I finished and uploaded! Baseball Bat, A handy Stand, A Gazing Ball, and a Futuristic Jet Board. Hope you get some use out of them.

So many things happen... . I finally got the "Sketch" section up. Now you can see what I used to do before digital. More coming as soon as I scan them in.

There are seven new images in the "latest" section. "The Faerie Lantern" is one of a series I'll be doing. Have the second one sketched out in my lil black book but need to do some modeling.

The Magazine(s) and pages are still coming along. Just did work for issue # 2 of Tech Monthly. If you're interested in "Imagination" a horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and roleplaying magazine or "Tech Monthly" a techy mag then check out the "Store" section for a link to my employer's site :)

Been really busy lately working for images for DragonCon2003! Yup, yours truly is exhibiting art in his very first Convention. Needless to say I'm jazzed about it and I've chatted with some very talented and great artists. Maybe I'll stop being so reclusive again :) So hey, if you're in the Atlanta, GA area and want to get some prints that aren't available anywhere else, of my stuff, then that's the place to be. If you DO attend or purchase a print of mine I would LOVE to hear from you all about it since I can't attend the show this year. If you want more info on DragonCon you can click here.

5 new models finally added. An Ankh, Platform, Wires, Horns 2, and Trails used in my images previously. Enjoy! :)

My buddy Dodger has started a 3D community with some nice promise to it. He's badly in need of support and an assistant Perl programmer. If you'd like to help xfx3d or just check it out then click here.

That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!

The weirdest things happen in marriage. Hey, look! I got time to update a little. Nothing major. Just some "cosmetics".

There are two new images going up in the "latest" section as I write this.

The Magazine(s) and pages are coming along. With any luck we'll be in full swing soon.

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday Season. Thanks for stopping by my lil page.

Well, as you can see, I finally got time to update the page. My apologies for the delay. I know some people were looking for some of the models I had promised and done. The good news is that some of them are up and in the free section. The bad news is that I didn't get to finishing them all. So grab what's there and have fun with them. Check the materials also for 3 new ones there.

The site is now 1 year old, stable, and continually changing. Yay!

Recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my wife and things are still going great!

Been busy with the Magazine(s) and art in that direction as well as some upcoming projects. I've also been busy with some online MUDs, the best of which has to be Illarion.

I intended to open a "rants" section here, as people know me to be fairly opinionated, but haven't had time to vent much "publicly" so perhaps in the future....

Think that's all for now. Busy busy busy. More updates soon and thanks for dropping by!

Welcome to Lunariad v2.0! As you can see, I've made some changes in the layout. I was recently notified that Netscape users couldn't see the menus. Rather inconvenient and it took about 6 months for someone to let me know, but all should be better now. Once again, I've taken out all the "flashy" stuff and gone with a "retro" look based on very simple HTML. So there shouldn't be any browser problems now. I hope.

I hope everyone's holiday season was a safe and happy one.

So what's new? WELL! Let me tell you!

There are 12 new images, in the "latest" gallery, 5 new Bryce 4 / 5 materials, 2 new models, and 1 new texture in the "free" sections, and the "photo" gallery is finally up, but with only one recent photo I took until I scan some more in.

The "store" section now has links to the Bryce materials set I have for sale at the 3D Commune, the e-magazine I am now the artist for, and a selection of prints and shirts. Please check them out.

As always, I thank you for stopping by and hope you leave with something useful.

Another Busy Month. Have No Idea Where Time Goes These Days. I Updated The latest With 2 New Images. Several More "In The Works" But Not Done Yet. There Are 10 New Bryce Materials In The Free Materials Section And 5 New Models For Your Rendering Pleasure. Including "Santa's Bag O Toys" For The Holidays And My First Poseable Figure; A Pair Of Chopstix. Also New This Month Is The Opening Of The "Game" Wing Of The Site With a Gem Of a Game That's Free For Download; "Project Phoenix" By Jeff Schwartz. If You Like Roleplaying Games (RPG) Then Check It Out. A Reminder That There's Now 19 Prints Available For Shirts And 12 Available As Prints On Canvas Or Posters. A Special Thanks To The Two People Who Bought Posters. Let Me Know What You Think Of Them Please? I'd Like To Know You're Happy With your Purchase. Last But Not Least, In Case I Don't Get Updated Before The Coming Holidays, I'd Like To Wish Everyone a Happy And Safe Holiday Season. Thanks For Stopping By.

Busy Busy Busy. Updated The latest With 6 New Images. There's Now 19 Prints Available For Shirts And 12 Available As Prints On Canvas Or Posters. Note The "Print" Section. Within The Day I'll Be Updating the Links, Models, And Material Sections. Just "Getting It Down" Here Now So I Can Go Onto The Updating. I'm Also Thinking Of Adding Other Link Categories. I Have a Ton Of Neat Stuff. We'll See. Oh, Also Split The "Fantasy" Section Into It's "Gothic" Counterpart As I Have Quite a Few Images That Are More "Goth" Than "Fantasy". I've Also Decided That The Images That I Have For Shirts And Prints Will Be Displayed There. I Can't See Listing Them Two, Or Even Three Times, In a Gallery Section, Shirt Section, And Print Section. So Look For them There. You Won't Have To Go To The Purchase Site. You Can View The Images Just As Any Other Section. Last, But Certainly Not Least, I Ask That You Take a Small Moment Of Silence As you Visit My Page. The World Lost a Lot Of Good People With The Tragedy Recently And I Lost a Good "Opponent" And Friend From The alt.binaries.e-book Group Who Died Recently. Thank You And Thanks For Stopping By.

Updates! 5 New Images, Including My First Two "Print Worthy" Images, In The "Latest" Section. Roughly 55 New Links Added Thanks To My Wife, Who Checked And Sorting Them For Me.

Well, Here We Are On The New Page! Hope You Like The New Layout. I Finally Got To Combine The Two Pages Together Into One Integrated Unit As it Was Intended. There's 13 New And Free Bryce Materials For Your Download Pleasure. In The Near Future I Will Be Opening a Section For My Wife's Art As Well As a Section For My And Lynne's Web Designing. I Want To Thank My Dear Friend Lynne For ALL her Help In Code That I Couldn't Have Made This Without. *Smooch!* From Both Of Us. Last, But Not Least, I Thank My Friends, Fellow Artists, And "Fans" For Keeping Me Inspired Enough To Display My Art. Thanks For Stopping By!

Updated The "New" Section With 6 Of My latest Images.

Wow! It's Been Three Months Since I've Updated The "News" Here. Sorry About That, But Things Have Been Busy So This Will Be Long. First, And Most Important, I Got Married! Yup! The New Pic Is Above. We Eloped And Married, On June 18th, In a Really Nice Chapel In Arkansas. We Also Had Fun Touring The Caves And Such. Second, I've Now Been Approached By a Nice Guy To Offer My Designs On Shirts Or Posters. So I Have Uploaded 14 Images (So Far) To The T-Shirts Area And Will Upload Any Others That Anyone Requests. It's a Fully Customizeable Area And You Can Put Any Image With Any Text You Like. There's Some Really Awesome Designs (Better Than Mine, I Think) To Choose From. So Have a Look. They Aren't Open Publicly Yet, But He Assures Me A Month Or Two Tops. You CAN Still Follow The Link And Purchase Items Now. I'm Assured That They Are High Quality Prints And You Should Be Happy With Them. I Hope You Like Them. Last, For Now, (Formerly Xoom) Where I've Housed My 3D Model Downloads For Three Years Recently Sent Out a Nice Mail Letting Us Know That Our Sites would Be Transfered To What They FORGOT To Mention Was, That Instead Of Free And Unlimited Space, We'd Now Have To PAY $49.95 a Year And $89.95 After The Introductory Period. Pardon Me, But SCREW THAT! So, I've Written a Nice Little Letter Informing Them That They Are Required To Free My Files That Belong To ME, NOT Them. Yes, They Had The Audacity To Actually Lock The Files Before Sending The Mail Notification And Now I'm Unable To Redirect People From That Page Or Change It In Any Way. What a Load Of Crap. At Any Rate, The Free Models Portion Of The Site Will Have To Find a New Home. My Apologies For Anyone That Wanted Any. If You Email Me Directly I Will Do My Best To Email You Any Model Or Material You Request. I Have Them All Backed Up. Again, Thanks For Stopping By And Look For a Site Change In The Future As I Try And Organize Things And Look Professional (LOL). Peace.

Updated The Other Artist Links With Some New Additions And Removals. Give Them a Look. Both Professional And Novice Links All Mixed Together. Why? Just Because You're Famous Doesn't Mean You're The Only Good Artist. Personally, I Hold That "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder" And Some "Novice" Artists Are Really Good In My Opinion. Visit Them And Check Them Out. Learning Cinema 4D XL And Bodypaint 3D Right Now. Some Really Nice Programs From Maxon. Thanks For Stopping By!

Another Month Down! Well, Sort Of. 5 New Images, Some Of My Best, I Think, Are In The "New" Section. It Amazes Me, As An Artist, That We Can Continue To Come Up With New Ideas. Perhaps I Am Blessed In That Fashion For Rarely Having "Creative" Block. I Dunno, But I Am Thankful. I Enjoy Creating My Images And Sharing Them With People. The Webpage I Was Working On Was Completed, Though Not As I Wished. Other Influences Stepped In And I Turned All Material Over To Them And Was Paid Nicely. Can't Complain. Aside From The Work, The Couple Has Been More Kind To Me Than I Deserved Really. For That I Owe Them Much. As Always, On a Side Note: 70 Days Till I Get To Be With My Baby! LOL I Think The Recent Creative Spur is Due To My Excitement Over This. Ironic, As When She Finally Gets Here I Doubt I'll Be Doing Much Art At All *Wink Wink*. Hope You Enjoy The New Pics And Thanks For Stopping By!

Moving Along. 5 New Images Uploaded To The "New" Section. Some That I Had Started a While Ago And Recently Finished, And Some Brand New. Still Working On The Webpage Design For a Company. Had a Couple Job Offers, But So Far Nothing's Panned Out. Still Looking! - - Now a Little Rant. My Ex Girlfriend And The Game Playing And Abusive Man She Went Back To 6 Months Ago, Can't Seem To Get Over It And Stop Harrassing Me Via The Guestbook. So, Until She Gets a Life, It's Been Removed. If You Have Any Comments Feel Free To Email Me. On That Note, 86 More Days Till My Lady Moves In! Then Our Wedding Is Planned For The Fall! Woooo Hoooo! What's Great Is That Some Of My Fellow Artist Friends May Even Make The Wedding! Thanks For Stopping By And Your Comments On My Work. It's a Labor Of Love And Passion.

Finally! 5 New Images Uploaded To The "New" Section. Took Me a While, But Now They're Done. If I Can Get To The Other 20 Or So I Started I'll Be Doing Good. Since There Was No Post Last Month, Just a Small Note That I Actually Made Some Cash From Cashwars. $39.60 To Be Exact. Not a Lot, But Hey, It's Free Money And The Check Didn't Bounce LOL! Gave Up On The Poser Figure, Because It Was "Grendel" And I Noticed Someone On The Comic Collective site Already Did One. Oh Well. Working On a Webpage For a Company. It Will Be My First Paying Design Job. YAY! Also Planning To Offer Some Designs On T-Shirts Still. If You Want To Participate In The Selection See My Post Farther Down The List. Okay, That's All For Now. Hope You Enjoy The Site And Thanks For Stopping By!

Hey! Another Poem! Man I Haven't Written Like This In Years! Talk About Inspiring! My Lady Rocks! Also Finished One Image And Half Done With Another. Working On a Poser Figure Based On An Old Comic Too. Busy!

Back From a Truly Wonderful Visit With My Lady Which Inspired a New Poem In The "Poetry" Section As Well As Two Images I Am Working On So That i Can Upgrade The "New" Section. My Lady Is a Truly Awesome And Caring Woman That Has Completely Captured My Heart And Made Me a "Happy Goth". LOL. Thanks For Visiting!

Been Playing Cashwars WAY Too Much And Trying To Sort the Stuff On My New Puter. Heh. This Is a "Fake" Update Kinda In That I Only Wanted To Say Hi And Remove Some Of The Annoying Scripts. Namely The Scroll And Sounds. My Lady Melissa, Who I Will Be Visiting (In 4 DAYS!!!!), From The 20th To The 30th, Thought They Were a Bit Much. I Have To Say I Agree. So Away They Go. Now That I Have Stuff Kinda Organized I'll Start Updating Again. Thanks For Stopping By!

Sorry, Too Many Things Going On. Working On Transmapping Some Hair For My Other Site With the Downloads. Need To Link That To Here. .obj Format Models || Bryce Materials . Also Working On An Adult Screensaver Project With My First "Sensual" Art. Won't Be Posted Here But I May Link To It And Create An Adult Gallery. Keep it Real!

Been Playing a Game Kinda Like Zork Where You Can Win, Steal, And Dig For Money. Cashwars If You Sign Up Please Use Me As a Referal. Lunarium. Thanks!

Decided To Be Whacky And Eclectic And Offer Some Background Music. The Current Selection Is "Hymn" By Vangelis Off Of The "Opera Savauge" Album. One Of My Favorites. Enjoy.

Added Some New Javascript. Hopefully You Can See It. Uploaded The 5 Latest Images To My "New" Section. Check Them Out Please. Thanks!

Added a Whopping 57 New Gallery Links To Other Artists. All Links Checked As Of Today And 3 Removed Because All Attempts To Find Them Failed Or They Changed Their Content To Something Non Graphic. If Your Gallery Is Not Listed, And You Want It Listed, Let me Know. I Love Giving Artists The Opportunity To Be Seen.

Added a Guestbook After a Suggestion From Kellie - aka RainySecret. Still No Suggestions On T-Shirts. Hmpff.

Thanks Again To Carl At apollo-visions For Hosting Me As a Guest Artist. I Have The Option To Offer More Designs To People On T-Shirts So I'd Like To Ask A Favor Of Visitors To My Site. While Looking Around, If You Would Like To Email Me And Let Me Know Which Designs Of Mine You Think Would Look Good On a T-Shirt I Would Greatly Appreciate It. In Fact, If The Design You Suggest Is Offered And Sells Well, I'll Even Make Sure You Get a Free Shirt Of It From Me Personally. How's That Sound?? I Know I Am No Great Artist, But If You Help Me I Got No Problem Giving Something Back. So Email Me And Let Me Know! Thanks!

Just Uploaded My Newest 6 Images. I Also Want To Thank Zero Gallery For Selling a Quality Product With My "Jack" Design On It. So Far I Have Sold One Shirt To Lael And He Says It Is A Great Quality Product And He's Happy With it. That Rocks. If Anyone Else Would Like a T-Shirt Please Visit Zero Gallery And Have a Look. They Have Some Awesome Designs.

Well, Of All The "Whacky" Things! I'm The Featured Artist At apollo-visions This Month! Click On The Pic To Go Check Out His Awesome Site. Thanks Carl!

Fixed a Couple Code Errors And Added An Email Button. Hopefully Everything Is Good!

Took Down The Xoom Site Image Galleries And Linked The Rest Of The Bryce 4 Materials And 3D Models.

Finished Uploading All The Images And Organizing Everything After Running Into Space Problems As I Had Figured.

Ran Into a Problem With AOL's "2MB Per Screename" Limit. GRRR. So I Had To Tear Down Images And Load Them To Another Screename And Connect Them All. HUGE Pain. Anticipating More Problems With This File Size Crap, But Will Overcome. Blah. "The Number One Internet Provider" And Behind Everyone Else. Too Cheap To Provide Decent Webspace For Their Users In My Humble Opinion.

Started Sorting All The Images And HTML Documents And Designing The New Layout For The Pages.

Begun The Project Lunarium. The Graphic Pages Originally Existed On America Online Under The Title "Luna See". Desiring To Expand I Decided To Go With As A Gallery Site. Well, Xoom Is Notoriously Slow So I Decided To Reorganize A Little. Thus The Graphics Portion Will Be Located On AOL And The Free Bryce 4 Materials And Models Will Be Housed On Xoom. Let The Fun Begin.